Sauna Doors

Written by Michael Federico
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Sauna doors can give a sauna an entirely distinct look and style. Traditional doors are made of wood and lack any ornamentation. They simply serve the practical purpose of keeping heat contained within the cabin. Many people will add a Douglas fir lamination to their sauna doors. This gives the doors a fine, strong finish, and it lends them a bit of an aesthetic flair.

Many who want the entrances to their saunas to be singular works of art choose glass doors over wood. Even a simple, clear pane of glass in the door can give the sauna a sense of class and help it fit in with the rest of the house. It is possible to go much farther than this, though.

There are glass doors that have both a positive and negative image. Others are cut into intricate designs. The pinnacle of artistry in sauna doors may have been reached in recent years when glazers and artists began to etch original works and reproductions of famous paintings into the glass.

Buying Sauna Doors

When a person buys a sauna kit, a door will be included. It will usually be standard and will only vary from model to model. However, it is possible to erect a sauna from a kit and create the door separately. When a person orders a sauna from a manufacturer, there are usually several options when it comes to sauna doors. The manufacturer and the client can go through pre-existing designs to find something that works, or they can decide to have a specialty door created with a unique design.

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