Save The Environment

Written by Courtney Salinas
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We were only given one Earth. Already, in our short existence, we are seeing the effects of our wasteful practices: polluted waterways and air, depleted ozone and entire species wiped out or endangered. We have the power, though, to take matters into our own hands. We have so many options available to us now, so many ways to cut our energy use and pollution that it seems all we can do is improve.

Renewable Energy

Solar, wind, hydropower and geothermal energies are all renewable and non-polluting energies. Using them not only saves emitting dangerous gases into our atmosphere, but also breaks our dependency on fossil fuels. At the rate of consumption we are at now, fossil fuels are destined to one day run out and leave us stranded.

Energy Efficient Appliances

There aren't many appliances available today that don't have an energy efficient alternative. While they almost always cost more, your energy bills will lower and your contribution to a safer and cleaner world will rise.

Find Simple Ways to Reduce Energy Usage

While a small effort to save energy might not seem like much today, a small effort every day will add up over time. Use public transportation every now and again, turn the thermostat down when you're sleeping or you're not at home, or just make sure you turn every thing off when you leave a room. Small efforts have big returns.

Purchase Recycled Materials

Just recycling isn't always enough. Recycled materials are the fruits of a recycling program's labor. By purchasing a recycled product, you are endorsing recycling programs and helping them to continue their work.

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