Upb Control

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Universal Powerline Bus (UPB) control has multiple applications in the home and commercial automation industries. UPB technology has been integrated into lighting and appliance control products, as well as automation of heating and cooling systems. A variety of interfacing methods are possible with UPB devices, including remote internet access.

UPB control of electronic components has been extensively tested and there are many well-established product lines in use at the commercial level. Utility companies have used UPB modules to read power meters and automatically send the data back to the company for billing and code compliance purposes. Home automation has also provided many products for sensing excessive water, smoke, and gas in certain areas of the home and alerting occupants, even when they are away.

UPB Control and Power Usage

UPB control of water heaters and other appliances is now possible with new products designed for remote monitoring and alert messaging. Pools, spas, and irrigation systems are ideal for UPB control since they have the potential to dominate costly power and water. These and other power-consuming devices can be also be programmed to turn off when no one is around, or their use limited to times when rates are cheapest.

UPB control of appliances is also possible with individual plug-in modules and through load control of electrical sockets. For those who prefer as few attachments as possible, UPB remote controlled sockets can be installed by a professional. Many comfort and convenience functions are made possible with UPB control, including automated scenes that are activated at the touch of a button or at a certain time each day.

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