Upb Products

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Universal Powerline Bus (UPB) technology is the basis for a versatile product line in the home automation industry. Based on highly reliable powerline carrier (PLC) data transmission, UPB products work in much the same way as traditional X10 products. Utilizing a home's existing AC outlets and wiring, UPB facilitates communication between a central control and a host of electrical outlets and switches.

The UPB product line is a good starting point when looking to automate some or all of a home's lighting and appliances. Home and business owners can retrofit existing buildings with a wide variety of networking possibilities. Individual appliance modules can be purchased that enable users to control plug-in appliances remotely, locally, or through PC software.

UPB Versatility

Other individual units can also be purchased for well-chosen lights and appliances around the home. There is even the possibility to remotely control electrical sockets with the installation of special UPB outlets. A controlled dimmer switch is a popular UPB product that can replace a standard light switch. UPB kits are available that are designed for the beginning enthusiast, with some combination of components that can function as a basic automation system.

UPB has a wide range of user interface possibilities as well, from remote controls to tabletop keypads to wall mounted keypads. With the addition of a computer interface module, a PC can become the central control for a UPB automation system. There is also a dedicated UPB server that can be purchased to facilitate control of a system through a web browser on any computer.

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