Accent Lighting

Written by Dina Kayed
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Do you need a simple and effective way to highlight a prized collection or object? Accent lighting can illuminate treasures such as your grandmother's antique china, a fine peace of art you found at an auction, or a simple floral arrangement you would like to highlight for yourself and others to enjoy. Accent lighting will enable you to maximize the aesthetic effect of all beautiful things. It's a shame to have interesting and expensive architectural details in your home go to waste because they are not properly illuminated for your guests to see.

Accent Lighting Tips

A lower-voltage than is usual for domestic lighting is used in accent lighting fixtures. They are specific and easy to control. Track lights or recessed adjustable fixtures are a good example. It's a good idea to use accent lighting fixtures which are energy efficient such as those with halogen. Accent lighting fixtures should have separate switches or dimmers from the main lighting in a room.

To create the right setting, it's important to know where to place your accent lighting fixtures. Try out different locations to locate the most effective spot. The lamp should always be as close as possible to the item you intend to illuminate. However, try and make it inconspicuous so that the accent fixture does not divert attention from the object you want to illuminate.

There are a few things you must consider when installing an accent lighting fixture. To get the right effect you will have to make sure the fixture beam is spread evenly, and the distances between fixtures and aiming angle are all accurate. The light beam should evenly cover the whole piece. If the aiming angle is not accurate, it could create shadows on the object you are trying to illuminate and thus detract from its beauty.

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