Ambient Lights

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Ambient lights provide general illumination in a room or outdoor space. These fixtures are designed to disperse light over a wide area, and are generally responsible for how well lit a room is. When properly placed ambient lighting will eliminate shadows and cast a warm glow that allows for all activities to be conducted in comfort. Thus, it is essential for all areas of the home.

Ambient Lights Brighten the Space

Lighting affects mood, and a well-lit room invariably brings an uplifted feeling to any space. A bright interior invites one into it, and inspires family activity. Good ambient lighting can easily be achieved through the use of recessed fixtures, lamps, ceiling lights and wall lights. Recessed lighting is ideal for areas that call for unobtrusive light. They are hidden from view and do not clash with the decor.

Lamps are usually either floor or desk fixtures. They are movable and therefore add flexibility to the lighting scheme. Ceiling lights are stationary, and provide overall illumination in a surface-mounted fixture. Wall lights can be creative ambient lights. In the form of sconces or recessed fixtures, they throw indirect light that shines up or down to wash the wall surfaces and cast a glow into the room.

The use of dimmers on ambient lights increases their power to create mood and light the room to varying degrees. Dimmer switches should be compatible with the fixtures to avoid damaging them. Consider using ambient fixtures as accessories that dress up a room and complement the existing decor. Doing so will add character and appeal to the room while keeping it brightly lit.

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