Antique Table Lamps

Written by Samuel Wong
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Antique table lamps add a softer mysterious type of beauty to your room's ambiance. Mysterious because the average eye will not be able to identify its era, style or large chain store they recently saw it in. Don't be surprised if your visitors take a minute to actually stop and compliment the antique table lamps in your house, as everyone appreciates unique and quality furnishings.

With the growing popularity of home decorating shows and mass marketed furniture and lighting, it is easy to find your house filled with the same items that your friends and neighbors have. It can be disheartening when your decorative efforts are accidentally stolen and copied by someone whose taste you consider to be beneath yours. When you choose classic accent such as antique table lamps in your home the chance of that happening is drastically reduced.

Antique Table Lamps for Every Look

You don't have to replicate your house exactly to the pioneer look, or give up running water and electricity to create the setting that behooves antique table lamps. Often you will find that just one antique lamp can add depth and solidarity to any look you are going for. It doesn't have to be the centerpiece of the room-just an accent that adds some historical character.

Don't limit the placement of antique table lamps to just the living room or bedroom room. They can make your office a bit homier or even give your kitchen a less sterile look while adding some light to your gourmet experiments.

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