Art And Accent Lighting

Written by Beth Hrusch
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A good way to highlight items of interest is with art and accent lighting. These fixtures are designed for indoor and outdoor use, and come in several forms. By definition this type of lighting directs light onto a specific spot, drawing the eye to that area. It is one of the three basic kinds of light that solve all lighting issues in a room.

Art and Accent Lighting Adds Drama

While not strictly necessary for general or task lighting, accent lighting does make a dramatic statement in a room. Anyone who has an art collection or an accumulation of objects that have special meaning will want to show them off. This is where accent lighting comes in. With it, one can bring attention to these prized possessions and allow them to shine.

An unlit piece of art tends to disappear into its surroundings. In a similar way, the architectural features of a home will not be shown to their best advantage unless art and accent lighting is used to showcase them. Outdoor spotlights, designed to be low profile and unobtrusive, wash the home's facade with light. This not only highlights the home but also provides security in the yard.

The use of art and accent lighting adds an extra dimension to a home's atmosphere. You can get instant sophistication with this type of lighting, while bringing attention to items that are important to you. Recessed fixtures, spotlights and track lighting are all good choices for accent lighting. With them, you can create a special feeling both inside and outside the home.

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