Automotive Light Bulbs

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Where would we be if the cars we drive didn't have automotive light bulbs to operate them? It may seem like a silly question, but we don't normally think about how imperative automotive lights are. We rely on automotive light bulbs to function our vehicles properly, but tend to take advantage of their assistance until a headlight, dome light or dash light burns out.

Automotive Light Bulbs Can Be Useful and Fun

Besides being an absolute necessity, one can also use various automotive light bulbs to personalize his or her car. Modified cars nowadays feature xenon headlights in various shades, lighted stick shifts, and uniquely colored signal, corner or tail lights. Instrument panel colors can be changed, lights can be installed in new places, and license plates and even the underside of your car can be illuminated with a neon glow.

Many car lights utilize the technology of LED, with their brightness, efficiency and compact size an obvious advantage over incandescent lights. Super-white and pure white shades, as well as "plasma blue" and other shades are available for taillights. Xenon lights, now commonly used in high end and luxury and sport utility vehicles, provide sharp light and are a great alternative to normal car lights, such as the typical yellow blinker.

Before you resign to looking around your car in the dark with a burned-out dome light, take into consideration the assistance these useful lights provide. You can also add a little personal flair to your ride by changing just a few automotive light bulbs here and there. Ask your retailer what best suits your needs, and ride safely and enjoyably.

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