Bath And Vanity Lighting

Written by Samuel Wong
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Bath and vanity lighting is one of the most important sources of task lighting in the home. Can you imagine applying makeup, plucking your eyebrows, or shaving without ample light? The results are probably not very pretty!

Bath and vanity lighting has to be able to withstand drastic changes in temperature and humidity. Many times, the light bulbs in these fixtures are enclosed in glass covers or mounted on the ceiling. If your light fixtures and sockets are constantly getting wet from steamy showers and baths, you may want to consider replacing or upgrading your fixtures.

See Where You Dropped The Soap with Bath And Vanity Lighting

The most effective placement of bath and vanity lighting is directly above or around the mirrors. Usually, the heat given off by the light fixtures will prevent the mirrors from getting too fogged up. These fixtures give off the perfect amount of light needed for shaving or applying makeup. Lighting that minimizes or even eliminates shadows will help ensure you don't miss any stubble or skin imperfections.

The brighter your bath and vanity lighting is, the cleaner and larger your bathroom will appear. There are a variety of fixtures available that will enable you to coordinate your bath lighting with the lighting in the adjacent bedroom or with the lighting found throughout the house. Consistency in lighting design enhances the harmony of any living space.

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