Bath Bar Lights

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Bath bar lights put light precisely where it is most needed. They provide illumination around a mirror, where many tasks are performed, and they light the entire space if necessary. Another advantage of bar lights is the fact that they cast a shadow-free light. When made with frosted glass, there is also no uncomfortable glare.

Bath Bar Lights Make Tasks Easier

A bar light fixture can contain one single fluorescent or halogen bulb, or it can consist of several bulbs attached to a fixture. This is mainly a matter of style and which will best complement the decor. Contemporary bathrooms are the ideal setting for sleek, sophisticated designs. Simple bars, placed either across the top or on either side of a mirror, are one option. Bar lights set into the glass are another.

Bath bar lights can be attached to a dimmer switch, so that they become more versatile in any lighting conditions. When the bath has a lot of natural light coming in, the lights can be dimmed. When the room is dark, they can be turned on all the way. Another available option is low-voltage halogen bulbs. They burn cooler than incandescent and give off a pure, white light. They also conserve energy and generally last longer.

Whatever style is chosen, bath bar lights will provide useful illumination for a variety of tasks. Their bright, shadow-free light is ideal for a work area. They add function and style to the bath and can be creatively arranged to fit in with the decor of the space. The bath becomes more useful and attractive with the addition of bar lights.

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