Bathroom Light Fixtures

Written by Rylee Newton
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The bathroom is one of the most intimate rooms in any home. Many people use their bathrooms for relaxing soaks in the tub. Others find the bathroom the ideal location for catching up on some quick reading. Still others use their bathrooms to get ready to face the day.

I rely on the lighting in my bathroom to put on my makeup every day. Before I made the investment in proper, high-power lighting, I often walked out into the sunlight only to discover that my bathroom mirror had tricked me. I often discovered my makeup wasn't blended in properly, or I had smeared eyeliner under my eyes. Once I installed a bar of lighting over my mirror, I never had to face sunlight with trepidation again.

Bathroom lighting does not simply have to be functional, though. Sconces provide gentle light in an attractive fixture. Styles can range from modern, romantic, art deco, and more. Sconces that have more than one head, or bulb, are typically referred to as bathbars, and these combine functionality with style, and can even become a focal point in the bathroom.

Adding Versatility to Your Bathroom

Many of us know just how important it is to find ways to relax from the stress and pressure of everyday living. One way that you can take your bath to the next level of relaxation is to dim the lights in the bathroom. You can add a wall dimmer to your lighting system. A lighting store will have more information on how to transform your bathroom into a retreat.

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