Battery Powered Candles

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Battery powered candles are just the best. Too many families pull out electric candles every year, to set in their windows at Christmas. These candles are pretty, but they are such a pain. The cords are usually too short, so you have to fit them into an extension cord. I personally used to have to pull my desk out of the way, to plug the extension cord into the outlet behind it. The whole thing was just a lot of trouble, so I never looked forward to setting it up.

Battery powered candles, on the other hand, are as easy as pie. You put the battery in, you turn it on, and you set it in its base. You can use them indoor or outdoor. Battery powered candles are inexpensive, lightweight, and very practical.

Battery Powered Candles and Decorating Luminaria

Battery operated candles are also excellent used in luminarias. Instead of setting out luminaria bags that have been filled with sand, my parents use bags which are held down by plastic bases. The plastic bases are specially made for use in luminaries.

The bases are hollow. You fill them with sand or water to give them weight, then cork them with their plastic stoppers, to keep the sand or water neatly inside. Once they're filled, you can use them for years without having to refill them. Each base has a circular indentation for the candle. The cool thing is, the battery operated candles fit perfectly in these bases, too. You don't ever have to worry about the bags catching fire, even if you live in a windy area, and even if you set up the luminaria inside.

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