Ceiling Fan Light Fixtures

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Ceiling fan light fixtures can be added to an existing fan through the use of kits that are easy to install. Having a light on a fan makes it more functional for daily use, as it is often helpful to have both light and air circulation with the flip of a switch. Light kits come in many styles to fit the look of the fan, which means that a contemporary fan can be paired with a stylish modern light, making the entire fixture more of an accessory for a modern space.

Ceiling Fan Light Fixtures Are Practical Solutions

A light kit is a way to get more out of a fan. It provides general lighting for the room that does not require installing another ceiling light fixture in the room. There are basically three different kinds of ceiling fan lighting: branched, bowl and uplighting. Branched lights come with three or four arms that shine upward or downward. Bowl lights attach directly to the fan housing, and look much like a low-profile ceiling fixture. They can be made of frosted or clear glass.

The third type of fan light is the uplight, which attaches to the top of the housing rather than the bottom. It shines light up onto the ceiling for soft, indirect ambient lighting. All kinds of ceiling fan light fixtures can be controlled with a switch located near the door. If there is no existing usable wiring in the wall, then they must be hard wired with new wiring at the time of installation. They may also be controlled with a pull chain, if wiring is difficult or impractical.

The use of ceiling fan light fixtures is a practical solution to the problem of getting general lighting and air circulation in one fixture. When a light is installed on a fan, it becomes easy to create an atmosphere that is comfortable for everyone. Make sure that the light kit is compatible with the fan. Purchasing both from the same supplier often helps avoid any potential problems.

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