Ceiling Fans

Written by Dina Kayed
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Ceiling fans have been available for more than a century. They can illuminate a room stylishly, as well as provide cooling comfort in hot weather. In the old days, style was not the greatest concern of fan designers. They were first used in hotel bars and lounges to prevent the spread of malaria, believe it or not. It was discovered that mosquitoes have difficulty flying in the breeze created by a fan, so it was an effective measure. Of course, fans always help to make the hot weather a little more bearable, so their use gradually caught on.

Choosing Ceiling Fans

In case you think that if you have air conditioning there's no point in having a fan, bear in mind that ceiling fans can actually help you save on your air conditioning bills. There are a few basic elements one has to consider before selecting a ceiling fan to achieve maximum performance. The first consideration is, of course, the size of the room. The larger your room is, the larger ceiling fan it needs to provide effective air circulation. If a room has a high ceiling, it will need a stronger motor for the ceiling fan even if it's a small room. There are many convenient ways to turn your ceiling fan on or off; you can use a wall control or a standard pull chain or simply a remote control.

Your fan will need a mounting system. This is the part of the arrangement that will dictate how far the ceiling fan should be from the floor. There are four types of mounting systems to maximize your cooling effects. A standard mount will lower the fan slightly from the ceiling. An extended mount is used with ceilings that are higher than average so that you can get the right effect from your fan.

A flush mount system is used for ceilings that are of lower height than standard ceilings. They are also sometimes called huggers. The last type is the sloped mount system. This is the type you need if you want to install a fan on a vaulted or sloped ceiling. Fans are very economical to run, and are a great alternative for those who balk at the expense of air conditioning units. You can find hundreds of unique and beautiful ceiling fans to match any room in your house or office.

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