Ceiling Light Panels

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Ceiling light panels utilize LED technology to create dramatic lighting effects. LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes, an advanced technology that uses diodes instead of filaments and gases to create long lasting light. This type of lighting is ideal for signage and commercial lighting, but can also be used as low-maintenance residential lighting. Night lights, task lighting and flashlights can all utilize LED technology.

Ceiling Light Panels Create Drama

One kind of specialty lighting that LED technology makes possible is the ceiling panel. This is a square or rectangular frame, in which several panels cover colored LED lights. The effect is that of a multi-colored grid of lights. These panels can also be mounted on the wall as artwork, and can be combined with several panels to create special effects.

Another option that makes ceiling light panels useful for both home and commercial applications is the coordination of these fixtures with music beats. Sound sensors and software can control the changing of the lights to the beat of music, making this fixture an asset to any party room or dance club. Frameless versions create ambience while blending seamlessly into the wall. Remote control operation maintains a degree of control over the patterns of the light.

With the advent of LED, lighting has taken gone to the next level. Long lasting, unbreakable lights that do not burn out suddenly create new possibilities. These ceiling light panels are a good example. They are made from cooler burning lamps that produce reliable light for up to 50,000 hours without a lot of maintenance. And, they satisfy the need for dramatic specialty lighting at home or any entertainment spot.

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