Clamp Lights

Written by Beth Hrusch
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In ingenious way to get good task lighting is with the use of clamp lights. Lightweight, portable and versatile, these fixtures attach easily to a desk or headboard to direct light into an area for work or reading. They can be positioned for general illumination, as well. Home offices, libraries and bedrooms are places in which clamp-on lights are often found.

Clamp Lights Are Practical Solutions

Any kind of desk lighting makes work easier and eliminates eye strain. But, some kinds of fixtures function better than others. For example, while a large desk with a lot of surface area may be able to accommodate a table lamp, a small desk cannot. If a lamp takes up space that is needed for a monitor, printer, paperwork and writing space, among other things, then it is not a practical solution.

This is where clamp lights become a viable alternative. When attached to the side of the desk with a weighted clamp, they can be adjusted to shine in any direction without taking up desk space. This leaves more surface space for other things. Also, they are easily moved if needed elsewhere. This means that only one fixture can serve the needs of many rooms.

For anyone with a limited space and/or budget, clamp lights can fit easily into both. They open up lighting possibilities that will work in any room where portable lighting would be handy. And, they put out a lot of light for their size. Halogen and fluorescent lamps are available, which provide bright light and are energy-efficient.

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