Contemporary Chandeliers

Written by Samuel Wong
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Today's contemporary chandeliers have designs running the gamut from minimalist to industrial impressionist. Some people's interior tastes do not and never will call for a huge chandelier covered with light-refracting cut glass. However, that is not to say that they do not want a light fixture that makes the same sized impression as the conventional, sparkly chandeliers we've grown accustomed to seeing at fancy restaurants and ballrooms.

Sometimes, a candelabra-shaped chandelier just won't look right at a minimalist hair salon or restaurant. They need something more artistic and new. Contemporary chandeliers are suspended works of art. They combine form and function and fit the bill perfectly when hanging over a modern dining table or the counter at a hip coffee shop.

Modernize Your Space with Contemporary Chandeliers

Contemporary chandeliers are perfect for today's urban dweller. High ceilings in renovated lofts are an ideal place to install one of these hanging pieces. The contrast of open space with hanging light fixtures can be appealing and inspiring.

Installing contemporary chandeliers can be as easy as replacing an existing chandelier or ceiling fan. If you do not have any electrical experience, there are many information sources available on the Internet or at your local library. If you are a bit leery of working with electricity, electricians and handymen can walk you through the process or even do it for you for a small fee.

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