Contemporary Lighting Fixtures

Written by Samuel Wong
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Some people may find the classic designs of floor lamps and chandeliers to be too old-fashioned and perhaps even unappealing. If you can relate, contemporary lighting fixtures are perfect for your tastes. These versatile fixtures can add a modern pop to any room, or complement an existing modern design scheme.

Contemporary lighting fixtures work especially well in modern urban lofts with an industrial feel. There are lighting fixtures available that can even serve as a complement to your loft's past life as a factory or storage warehouse. I live in a renovated building from the 1920s and the hallways are lit with contemporary sconces. There is also a stunning set of contemporary chandeliers hanging in what used to be the building's lobby. The contrast between the old and new works quite well.

Enhance Your Space with Contemporary Lighting Fixtures

The clean lines of contemporary lighting fixtures work well not just in lofts and modern living spaces. Sometimes a modern light fixture can serve as a delightful visual contrast to antique furniture or a country-inspired interior design. They can serve as a happy medium if you and your spouse have different design tastes when it comes to decorating.

Our eyes have become accustomed to the classic designs of lighting fixtures over the years. Seeing something traditional yet out of the ordinary can be exciting and fun. Contemporary lighting fixtures can serve as illuminated works of art in any home.

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