Crystal Chandeliers

Written by Rylee Newton
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If you're looking for a way to add some elegance to your dining room, you can't go wrong with crystal chandeliers. Crystal chandeliers not only help to bring the look of a room together, but some experts also say they help to create a healthy flow of energy in the dining room as well. Feng shui experts say crystal chandeliers also help to balance the chi in a room, and they even say chandeliers help people have healthier eating habits.

If you want to buy the top of the line crystal chandeliers, most experts agree, you can't go wrong with crystal from Swarovski. These chandeliers are manufactured to meet the highest standards for cut, clarity and quality. When you invest in Swarovski crystal, you reap the benefits of years of expertise.

Chandelier Hanging Tips

When it comes to investing in crystal chandeliers, the more light reflected, the higher the quality. Much like shopping for diamonds and other precious gems, it's a good idea to find crystal without streaks or bubbles. Before the invention of electricity, chandeliers were candle lit. Prisms of light were refracted off the candles and through the crystals.

If you want to preserve the look and feel of traditional chandeliers, you want to make sure your chandelier doesn't overshadow the size and shape of your table and your dining room. Most experts suggest hanging your chandelier 30 inches above the surface of your table. It's also a good idea to use at least a 200-watt light bulb to ensure adequate light refraction.

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