Decorative Sconces

Written by Samuel Wong
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Decorative sconces can bring light, luster, splendor and personality to any room in your house. Sometimes when you have empty wall space it is easy to fall into the trap of over decorating. When you are trying to figure out what to add to the empty boring space staring at you every day ask yourself a few questions before making your final decision.

Does your wall really need another painting? Is another family photo going to add value and warmth to the ambiance? Will the cost you put into buying new art or framing an old favorite going to be worth the artistic value, if any, that is added? And finally, would a light fixture or decorative sconce add an illuminating affect that would tie in and light up the art you already have?

Decorative Sconces And You

Besides light, decorative sconces can add color where you need it or produce a minimalist effect that serves as a modern light fixture. They can be a variation from floor lamps or hanging lamps and save space to boot. Use decorative sconces in area where you want to raise the focal point of the room. Maybe away from carpet you aren't fond of or away from large, dark pieces of furniture.

The true ingenuity of decorative sconces is their ability to decorate and give light. You can add some of your of your personality to the wall and flip a switch so that personality can glow and let you see! Which sconce catches your eye?

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