Eclipse Ceiling Lamps

Written by Samuel Wong
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Eclipse ceiling lamps are one of the most popular lighting design trends in homes today. The crisp, clean lines of the eclipse style make them a complement to virtually any design style, from classic to contemporary. Their simple, seamless design also makes them a breeze to clean when compared to chandeliers with multiple arms or hanging crystals.

One of the aspects of eclipse ceiling lamps that make them so appealing to so many people is the fact that their design makes them appear to float in space. Standing directly under a hanging eclipse lamp gives you the feeling of standing under a futuristic light source, or maybe even a UFO.

Modernize Your Space with Eclipse Ceiling Lamps

Eclipse ceiling lamps can be installed in virtually any room, regardless of ceiling height. These lamps work perfectly in dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and even bedrooms. If placed correctly, an eclipse ceiling lamp can effectively light up a whole room, with no need for accent or supplemental lighting.

Eclipse ceiling lamps are a simple way to upgrade your existing, old fashioned ceiling lamps or to add a modern appeal to any room of the house. I attended a party at a home with a cosmopolitan design scheme and noticed a huge eclipse ceiling lamp hanging above the kitchen island. The contrast between classic and contemporary worked quite well.

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