Electronic Fluorescent Ballasts

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Electronic fluorescent ballasts are an essential component of any lamp that uses fluorescent gas discharge. Lighting ballasts create the chemical reaction needed to turn on the bulb by producing a high starting charge. They then control a safe and level amount of current and discharge. They are what determine the specifications of gas bulbs. The most commonly used are electronic ballasts.

Until 1991, magnetic ballasts were the primary type of ballast used for light fixtures in most buildings. But the change of federal energy efficiency standards in 1991 prohibited the manufacture and sales of magnetic ballasts, due to their higher rates of energy waste. Naturally, the energy efficient electronic ballasts became more widely available. Electronic ballasts run more efficiently because of their high frequency output.

Electronic Fluorescent Ballasts: An Essential Element for Lighting Application

With the use of electronic fluorescent ballasts in replacement of magnetic, American households have saved billions in energy costs, as well as preventing the emission of millions of tons of harmful chemicals. Saving money and protecting precious resources is a priority among many consumers, and electronic ballasts have helped us step in a better direction.

Every lighting system has a different type of ballast to match its bulb. By looking at a specialized lighting retailer you are likely to find the electronic fluorescent ballasts you need. Those specialty stores and online lighting stores can better cater to your needs and will most likely have the lighting tools you are searching for.

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