Emergency Fire Lights

Written by Rylee Newton
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Firefighters are heroic men and women who work hard every day to protect the health and welfare of people in communities all over the world. These people are under extreme pressure throughout the day, and they need the best possible equipment for their jobs. Over the years scientists have developed tools, equipment and clothing that allow firefighters to do their jobs more safely and more efficiently.

If you’ve ever seen news footage of an actual fire, or watched a movie featuring firefighters at work, you have some idea of just how dangerous this line of work is. Firefighters rush into burning buildings, save stranded victims, and work efficiently to put out the fire. All of these tasks are dangerous, and labor intensive. In order to do their jobs as quickly as possible, firefighters need adequate light sources.

Helmet Lights to the Rescue

One of the latest inventions used by firefighters today is the helmet light. A helmet light fits snugly on the brim of the protective headgear worn by firefighters. Many of the top helmet lights are equipped with LED bulbs, which are not only more powerful than ordinary light bulbs, but also they last many hours at a time without dimming or fading.

Firefighters all over the country are now using helmet lamps instead of traditional flashlights. Helmet lights allow firefighters to use both hands to secure the building and save lives. Firefighters who use this type of lighting device have reported greater visibility, and increased rescue rates.

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