Exterior Lighting

Written by Beth Hrusch
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When most people think of exterior lighting, what comes to mind? Most likely it is the standard lamp post or lantern, situated by the door and out by the mailbox. Functional and durable, these fixtures have been the staple of outdoor illumination for decades. There are other possibilities when considering outdoor illumination, however. New designs in outdoor lighting have opened opportunities for homeowners to get more beauty and utility out of their outdoor spaces.

Modern Exterior Lighting Creates Opportunities

Today's outdoor fixtures are designed to be easy to install and creative in their design. Many are suited to specific tasks and purposes. For example, outdoor entertaining is made easy and practical with the use of low-voltage fixtures that can be attached to the side of the house or deck. Several of these low-profile fixtures, spaced at intervals around the entertaining space, can create an atmosphere while giving guests the lighting they need.

Low-voltage exterior lighting is a safer alternative to the standard 120 volt fixtures, that can deliver an unpleasant shock if not properly grounded. Low-voltage is perfect for the outdoors, where children are playing and people are likely to come into contact with the lighting. Creative options in low-voltage outdoor lighting include ground fixtures that can be set in between pavers and create dramatic up lighting. Another possibility is a fixture that caps your deck posts, making a stylish statement that puts light right where it's most needed.

So, while the lamp post is certainly a timeless classic, today's designs in exterior lighting give more opportunities for outdoor activity. Whatever can be done with interior lighting can be done in outdoor spaces, whether the goal is to create a mood or to provide task lighting for the barbecue or bar area. Safe, low-voltage fixtures make outdoor living and entertaining more attractive and practical.

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