Fluorescent Aquarium Lighting

Written by Dina Kayed
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If you are aiming for a healthy and attractive aquarium, fluorescent aquarium lamps are a good choice. You can use them either for fresh or salt water aquariums. Fresh water fluorescent lights provide the water with red, blue, yellow and green spectrum light, which is the kind of light needed for fresh water plants. Saltwater fluorescents concentrate spectrum on the area salt water plants most need to keep them healthy. If you turn the aquarium light off, the fluorescent will still give out a soft blue light to keep your fish company.

Fluorescent Aquarium Lighting Uses

There are three main types of fluorescent aquarium lights. Normal output fluorescents, very high output fluorescents and T5s. Often, normal output fluorescents work best. High output fluorescents are used if you want to use fewer bulbs in your tank. They will provide more illumination per unit. To generate less heat, T5s are best. They are also long lasting and energy efficient.

Marine reef aquariums require a lot of light. Standard or compact fluorescent lighting can achieve that. Make sure you don't overdo it with the light intensity because some fish might get damaged. Tanks that are really deep need fluorescent bulbs that produce an incredible amount of blue-white light.

Fluorescent aquarium lighting is used to bring out the color of the fish, especially goldfish. Fluorescents also have a spectrum that is really ideal for growing plants and corals. Fluorescent tubes are very effective, practical, and importantly, they do not generate a lot of heat. They also have a very suitable wattage for aquariums.

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