Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures

Written by Rylee Newton
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For years, fluorescent light bulbs have been used in institutional and professional settings. Thanks to recent advancements, people are using them in their homes now more than ever before. When most of us think of fluorescent light bulbs we think of those long tubes that flicker when they're running out of steam. People still use these lighting devices, but now you can also find fluorescent bulbs for recessed lighting and even for table lamps and floor lamps.

One of the main reasons people cite for switching to fluorescent lighting devices is energy conservation. Experts say installing fluorescent lighting devices can save businesses more than $50 a month on bulbs. The savings can also make a difference in your home over the years. In addition, these bulbs help to reduce waste in landfills.

Modern Fluorescent Lights

You can find several different designs in fluorescent lamps and lighting devices. A personal favorite is the wall sconce. Many people use wall sconces to add texture to any room. Installing different types of light in the same room is a great way to avoid eyestrain and distraction. Many people use smaller wall sconces in bathrooms and hallways for nighttime lighting.

One of the most popular rooms in the home for fluorescent lighting is the kitchen. These bulbs are popular because they produce a great deal of light and use up less energy. You can even install small fluorescent bulbs in recessed lighting fixtures. Experts say these lights last up to ten times longer than traditional bulbs.

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