Full Spectrum Light Bulbs

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Full spectrum light bulbs are a new and innovative lighting solution. Most light bulbs are used to provide illumination for homes, businesses, streets and vehicles, among other spaces. And then there are light bulbs that not only light up a room; they are also beneficial to your health. One might ask: How is this possible? Light bulbs are not commonly associated with a healing therapy or a remedy to any illness or disorder. But with recent advancements in technology, we now have a new means of improving well-being: full spectrum light bulbs.

Full Spectrum Light Bulbs: On Your Way to Good Health

The simplest way of explaining how a full spectrum light bulb works is this: The light bulb replicates the same light we experience as if we were in natural outdoor light. The full color and range of the ultraviolet spectrum is closely replicated by these special bulbs, and can therefore be supplementary for natural light.

Experience by many fans of full spectrum light has proven that these lights can actually make people feel better and healthier. An environment that is lit by full spectrum light becomes a more comfortable living space, and more productive working space. Those who use these lights primarily as health treatment will benefit from light therapy, which is especially suggested for sufferers of seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

All of these factors result in a better, more positive living and working environment. If your home lighting doesn't quite feel comfortable, or you find yourself feeling "trapped" in a stale work environment, you have an easy solution at your hands. Full spectrum lighting may be your solution for working well and feeling great.

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