Fund Raising Ideas

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Coming up with unusual fund raising ideas can drive you bananas. You finally come up with a fund-raiser that you think people will love, and no one buys it. Remember, fund raising ideas can be creative. They can be off the wall. The most important thing that fund raising ideas should be, however, is sellable.

One of the smartest ways to guarantee that your fund-raiser is sellable is to tie it into a holiday. People need to buy lots of things for the holidays, yet they have very little time in which to do it. The Christmas and Hanukkah season is probably the one time of the year that people feel genuinely grateful to have strangers show up on their doorstep, selling stuff.

Fund Raising Ideas for the Whole Neighborhood

Do you live in an area of close knit neighbors? If so, I highly recommend luminaria candles as a terrific fund-raiser. For instance, if you head up a scout troop or school group in a suburban area where neighbors are friends, you can easily sell luminaries to every single house on the block.

We all know that luminaria are much more beautiful when unbroken. If a few houses on a block remain dark, the effect isn't nearly as spectacular as when every house is lit. Close neighbors don't want to spoil the effect for everyone else. Every household will be willing to buy your fund raising luminaria, for the sake of the neighborhood.

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