Grow Lights

Written by Dina Kayed
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Globally, the demand for food is increasing. Scientists are constantly striving to solve agricultural problems that hamper increased production of crops. Plant grow lights provide a solution that is having an impact on food growing everywhere. Providing the light that is necessary for all plants is a way of rendering a poor growing area productive. These lights help plants grow faster and stronger and can help us overcome a poor natural growing environment.

Advantages of Grow Lights

Plants have specific lighting requirements. Where and how a plant grows must always be taken into consideration for best results. Some plants, particularly quick growing ones such as vegetables, need a lot of sunlight to grow. Foliage plants need a certain amount of shade to grow. Plants also need to experience a cycle, so that they have dark times where they see no light at all. This is vital for them to mature properly, and it has a significant impact on flowering and seeding. Some plants like long days and short nights, others like short days and long nights. There are even some plants don't need a dark period at all.

There are several different kinds of grow lights available. Incandescent grow lights can be used to highlight indoor plant groups, or to give emphasis to a single plant. These kinds of grow lights are very hot and can burn plants though, so they should never be closer than 24 inches. Metal halide HID plant grow lights provide white light, and this kind produces the closest light to the natural sunlight that plants prefer. You can find these kinds of grow lights in malls, supermarkets or any place where color rendering is needed.

Fluorescent plant grow lights are used to cultivate plants that usually grow in a cool, natural environment. This kind of grow light is used to grow such plants as lettuce, spinach, and herbs. These lights do not burn plants if used very closely unless they are actually touching the plant. There are standard fluorescent tubes, super high output fluorescent tubes and fixtures, compact fluorescent and others.

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