Hanging Light Fixtures

Written by Samuel Wong
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Hanging light fixtures do not have to be limited to dining and entry areas of the house. Anywhere there is a high ceiling or seating area holds great potential for hanging fixtures. Spending a little time to experiment and think outside the box when formulating a lighting plan will help you achieve great room design.

Many people have installed hanging light fixtures in their bathrooms as an innovative replacement for conventional vanity lights. These fixtures add a feeling of elegance and drama to the room that cannot be created with ordinary wall-mounted lights. Think of how stately your shower will feel with a simple, disc-shaped hanging fixture floating above it.

Hanging Light Fixtures Can Work Almost Anywhere

Another place where hanging light fixtures work well is outside underneath a patio cover. Many people have picnic tables on their patios. Instead of using a conventional candle to light up your summer picnic, why not hang weatherproof chandeliers from the patio cover to provide a warm glow after the sun slips out of sight?

Another innovative location for hanging light fixtures that is becoming increasingly common is the entryway or porch. It used to be that we would only see hanging fixtures of this type in front of large mansions and estates. Since the selection of hanging fixtures has greatly increased, there is sure to be one that will fit perfectly above your porch. These hanging fixtures greatly increase curb appeal and may even increase the value of your home in the crowded housing market.

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