Hard Hat Lights

Written by Rylee Newton
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Construction workers and maintenance crews benefit from the use of hard hat lights and other accessories. Some of the most popular lighting accessories include pencil clips and flashing safety lights. There are several different styles of hard hat lights, but the two main types are panel lighting devices that fit on the brim of the hard hat, and flashlights that clip to curved surface of the hat.

If you want to have access to a flashlight, but you don’t want to carry it in your pocket, you might want to consider investing in a light clip for your hard hat. These devices hold your flashlight in place until you need it. Holding a traditional flashlight restricts your movements, and prevents you from using both hands to perform complicated tasks.

Hands Free Hard Hat Lights

Construction workers and maintenance workers often prefer light panels that fit directly to the brim of their hard hats. There are several different companies that manufacture this type of light today. One of the key benefits of a brim lighting devices is the ability to shine light directly onto surfaces while the hands are free to use the tools of the trade.

Hands free lighting devices allow construction workers to work independently of one another. Rather than relying on another person to hold your light source, you can perform difficult tasks on your own. This helps to increase efficiency, cuts down on labor costs, and reduces the risk of injury on the job site.

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