How To Install Landscape Lighting

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The question of how to install landscape lighting depends to a large extent on the type of lighting you're using. The easiest of all to install is solar lighting. There are no electrical cables to lay; you simply stick the lights in the ground and position the solar panels unobtrusively so that they can gather sunlight during the day. What's more, you can use this kind of lighting for supplementary illumination whenever you need it, and you could even remove it and put it away during very bad weather spells, for example.

Although buried conduit for lighting purposes is not a requirement in every state, many professionals insist that it is necessary. It will provide an added safety feature for your family. Conduit will prevent accidents if someone accidentally digs through the wire and it will prevent danger to animals on your property. This type of accident with electrical cable is common in homes and the cause of many injuries yearly.

Do It Yourself

If you're not using solar lighting, and you have more than just a couple of strategically placed up-lighters to install, you might want to consider the option of employing a qualified electrician. This will not only ensure that you avoid safety hazards, but will also mean that you probably get better value from your system. You can get lots of ideas for installing landscape lighting both online and from books on the subject.

Best of all, is to hire a professional lighting engineer to install your landscape lighting. This would apply even more so if you have a large property. A professional can easily justify fees by saving you a great deal of money by strategically placing fixtures so that they give the best effect, and by picking the right fixtures for the job.

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