Interior Lighting

Written by Dina Kayed
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Light or light sources have a major impact on how we see things around us. Bearing this fact in mind, it is important to consider the effect of light on space, color, shadow and the dimension of objects in interior decorating projects. You should make sure when using a lighting fixture it does not cause eye strain. If light is not falling at the right angle, it could show the imperfectly finished flat surfaces by causing shadows that highlight hidden flaws. Sometimes light can make three dimensional objects appear flat if the light is uniform. You can make a low ceiling appear higher by focusing a lot of light on it.

Interior Lighting Considerations

As professional photographers say, "Lighting is everything!" To create a particular mood in a room you can always find a lighting fixture to do the job for you. Don't forget to take into consideration the function of the room before you set a particular tone. For example, you shouldn't use lighting fixtures that give a romantic feeling such as dim lights, if the room is meant to be used as a study room. The people who use it will not feel the right mood--one promoting the focus needed to study--and they may even not be able to see well. Conversely, having a lot of fluorescent light in a sitting room won't create the kind of relaxing atmosphere you need for family leisure time, such as listening to music and watching TV.

Lighting is the largest electricity drain in commercial buildings and in big houses. One way to save on electricity is by using energy-efficient lighting. Energy efficient light bulbs are easy to install and don't cost much. You can also save on electricity by focusing the light just where you need it, instead of lighting the entire room brightly.

Some lights give the impression that you are sitting in a dentist's chair because they are so bright. Such lights should only be used in places where strong lighting is needed, such as supermarkets or operating theaters. Restaurants sometimes seem to prefer dim lighting, but when you come to think about it, perhaps it's better to able to see that what is in your soup is a vegetable not some kind of bug!

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