Kitchen Light Fixtures

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Creative kitchen light fixtures can make the difference between kitchen lighting that is adequate and kitchen lighting that is exceptional. The quality of light in the kitchen should differ according to the needs of the different areas. A good lighting scheme will take into consideration the fact that many tasks are performed in this space. Therefore, one form of lighting is usually not going to be able to handle all requirements.

Kitchen Light Fixtures Perform Many Tasks

Good kitchen lighting will be able to put light right where it is needed, and in the right intensity. Today's kitchens are asked to be many things--a place to gather, prepare food and entertain guests. Within the kitchen there are work areas such as the sink area, cooking area and serving space. A kitchen island, for instance, is an excellent place for recessed or suspended fixtures that shine light directly onto the surface for buffet serving and eating.

For general illumination, suspended cable lighting or recessed fixtures will cast light into the entire space, to ensure that there are no shadows or glare. For task lighting, undercabinet kitchen light fixtures attached to cabinetry shine light onto countertops. Low voltage linear strips at the foot boards and inside cabinets create soft ambient light that highlights objects and serves as a night light. Stove hood fixtures illuminate the cooktop.

Because of its many functions, the kitchen is perhaps the most challenging room to adequately light. Since so much time is spent there, it is important to carefully consider what tasks are performed where. The right lighting will make the whole space shine, and will make everyday chores easier to accomplish. Today's kitchen light fixtures do their job while bringing style to the most important room in the home.

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