Landscape Lighting Designs

Written by Patricia Skinner
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There is a myriad of choices when it comes to picking lighting fixtures for your landscape lighting designs. You may need to buy several different types of fixtures for different areas of your property. A pool or a tennis court, for example, will need different treatments than you would use to highlight paths and architecture.

Anywhere that will be the focus of a lot of activity should have some kind of overhead lighting. You can get special overhead lights that are specifically for use on any kind of court, whether for tennis or basketball. This will not only make it safer for you to play at night, but will enable you to see clearly what you're doing, adding to everyone's enjoyment.

Security Lighting

Areas that need lighting for security purposes, such as parking areas, will need another treatment again. It is necessary to focus light into any dark corners or obscure areas. This is the only type of situation where bright lighting is highly recommended by the experts.

Other areas are actually better off with less light. This "less is more" principle can be employed to enhance any area of your home, adding elegance and mystique that you'll love. You can vary the effects if you install dimmer switches with your landscape lighting design.

In general, landscape lighting is achieved with recessed lighting that is often most effective directed upwards at its subject. Using spot or accent lights to subtly highlight the specific features of your garden can create a fairytale palace out of even a quite modest home.

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