Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Buying landscape lighting fixtures is easy to do. The only difficult part of the procedure is making sure you're buying the kind of quality equipment that is going to give you value for your money. Anything that is flimsy and not well put-together is going to disintegrate with the weather. If it is in a place where it attracts the attention of children at all, then it is at further risk.

Look for fixtures that can be placed unobtrusively and that won't rust and deteriorate easily. If you are attracted to the more expensive items, such as custom made pieces or handmade blown glass lamps for example, make sure you place them in an area where they'll be relatively well protected and safe. A little way away from the edges of paths, for example, and out of the reach of prying small hands will enable you to relax while enjoying your garden at night.

Placement of Landscape Lighting

Thinking carefully about the placement of your landscape lighting fixtures is more than just an exercise to preserve your property, however. Electrical fittings can be dangerous. It's important that your children, or young visitors, will not be at risk from electrocution at any time. If you have no experience with installing electrical fittings, you might be better off employing an electrician who will make sure everything meets federal requirements and that every aspect of your lighting is safe.

Remember that at certain times of the year, buried lighting may be at risk when you're tending to your plants. Buried lighting conduit is a requirement in some areas and in any case is a safety measure. Keeping in mind that close contact with a source of light may damage sensitive plants, you may want to pick lights that have a cage to keep greenery away from them too.

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