Lights For Hiking

Written by Rylee Newton
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For several years now my mother has been involved with an organization called The Mazamas. My mother learned how to climb mountains in this organization, and to date she has climbed more than ten different peaks in the Pacific Northwest. Every time my mom packs for a climb, I notice how many different lighting devices she places in her backpack,

If you’ve ever been hiking or mountain climbing, you know how important it is to pack efficiently. When carrying a backpack for several miles up steep inclines, it’s important to pack only the essentials. If you’re packing for an overnight stay, it’s essential to carry a flashlight, matches, and even a head lamp.

Staying Out of Harm's Way

Ask any climber, and he’ll tell you just how unpredictable the weather is at high altitudes. Even if you’re planning on setting out for a day hike, it’s important to pack for an overnight stay. The last thing you want to do is get stuck out in the wilderness unprepared. If you pack a head lamp or a small flashlight, you can use it to make sure all the members of your party are accounted for.

If you must stay overnight, you can use your light to ward off danger during the night, In addition, a lighting device comes in handy for signaling rescue parties. If your party is off course, and the hour is getting late, you can use a small flashlight or head lamp to read your map and guide the crew to safety.

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