Lithium Batteries

Written by Ingrid Chen
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For any portable device, batteries are essential to working cordlessly and being as mobile as possible. With recent advancements in battery efficiency, engineers are focusing largely on lithium technology as an alternative for and, possibly in the future, a complete replacement of nickel and lead-based batteries. Unlike standard alkaline batteries, lithium batteries are rechargeable, and will hold their charge longer than the common rechargeable nickel-cadmium or hydride batteries.

Lithium Batteries Are Everywhere

Lithium batteries can be found in everything from watches and keyless entry to cameras and laptops. The availability of lithium batteries, from drugstores to grocery stores, has made it easier for consumers to find them. Some lithium batteries are also produced specifically to fit whatever electronic device requires them--that is, watch batteries are strictly watch batteries, and keyless entry batteries have their own design suited just for the key.

Manufacturers of portables are now realizing that the compact size, long life, and low cost make lithium batteries an obviously appealing source of power to everyday electronics. These batteries are also lighter than alkaline batteries. This is especially important when the weight of a product comes into play.

Though lithium batteries are not commonly found in most stores that carry regular batteries, it is possible to find retailers on the Internet that specialize in battery sales, among other products. With the availability of these batteries now, powering your gadget will no longer be a hassle. When it comes to making the decision on what new gadget to get, choosing a product that requires lithium batteries is a wise decision.

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