Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Written by Patricia Skinner
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For many of us, expenses must be reduced as far as possible. It's hard to call a halt to beautifying our homes, however, so we look for more economical ways of doing things so that we don't need to sacrifice the look we're after. Landscape lighting for our homes is a perfect example. It can make so much difference to the way a property looks once the sun slips below the horizon, yet we are used to hearing about how expensive landscape lighting has become.

Saving Money with Low Voltage Lighting

Nearly all landscape lighting fixtures come in 12 volt to 120 volt options. As you can see, the low voltage alternative is going to be a lot less expensive to run than the higher voltage choice. Choosing low voltage lighting makes sense for a lot of reasons, not only economically. Low voltage lighting is also the most environmentally friendly way to light up your home from the outside. You can have an easy conscience knowing that you're not burning huge amounts of electricity gratuitously.

It must also be said that with a little ingenuity you can achieve equally good aesthetic results with low voltage landscape lighting. You can successfully accentuate just about any area of your home to great effect. Paths, driveways, doorways and decorative landscaping effects can all be highlighted and enhanced with less expensive lighting options.

There are instances where low voltage lighting is not suitable, however. For areas where security is necessary, brighter lights are required, and low voltage will not be sufficient. This includes parking areas, areas where security is important, and anywhere that light is necessary for any kind of safety reason, such as doorways and steps. It is possible to install dimmers so that when bright light is not necessary you can turn the whole effect down, thus saving money. This will preserve the option of bright lights when you need them.

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