Low Voltage Lighting

Written by Samuel Wong
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Low voltage lighting can add warmth and drama to any room. You can replace your old fashioned ceiling fixtures and lights with lighting that uses less electricity yet lights as efficiently as your old lighting. Track-based low voltage lighting can bend around corners and join rooms together with a common lighting design.

Many people like low voltage lighting because it is infinitely customizable. Track-based lighting allows you to choose from a multitude of different lamp styles and shapes. You can hang pendants above tables and work areas, or choose spotlights for task lighting or to showcase a piece of art. Styles range from the classic conical spotlight to whimsical dragonflies and biplanes.

Using Low Voltage Lighting Outdoors

Another place where low voltage lighting has taken hold is in the outdoor arena. Busy career-oriented professionals rely on low voltage lighting to enable them to enjoy the beauty of their gardens and backyards long after the sun goes down. Lighting can also cast a safe glow on outdoor staircases and pathways, creating a welcome glow year round.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to low voltage lighting. There isn't a place in your home that could not benefit from this high tech form of lighting. Whether you use it to update your outdated dining room, or to spotlight your dramatic landscaping, you're sure to enjoy the rewards of well-placed light fixtures.

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