Luminaria Candles

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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For many of us, luminaria candles were a magical part our childhoods. A favorite image of Christmas is that of Christmas luminaria lining the streets of a cozy neighborhood. Every house participated, creating a perfect, unbroken string of lights. Your regular old block was transformed into a place of incredible magic and charm.

Other Uses for Luminaria Candles

As an adult, I've seen luminaria candles used in a number of other creative and effective ways. Some of the prettiest weddings I have ever been to have also been the most inexpensive, surprisingly! Picture a wedding ceremony taking place at dusk, and decorated only with lights.

Instead of ribbons and flowers, the wedding is decorated entirely with luminaria candles, Christmas lights, and handheld candles. Each of the seated guests holds a candle. The aisle is lined with decorating luminaria. The couple marry under an archway, which has been strung with fairy lights. The entire thing is so breathtakingly simple and beautiful that the guests will remember it for the rest of their lives.

Of course, candles can be used in lighthearted and festive ways, as well. Although luminaria perfectly match the solemnity of a wedding, or the sanctity of Christmas, they also work very well on Halloween and the 4th of July! A friend of mine has a fabulous pool, and every time she and her husband entertain at night, they line the pool with luminaria. Their parties are a hit, every single time, and I'm pretty sure the candles have a lot to do with setting the mood.

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