Metal Halide Lamps

Written by Dina Kayed
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Metal halide lamps are a kind of a high bay lighting system. You will find them in commercial buildings such as a retail stores or in industrial buildings such as factories and warehouses. You can also fine them in parking lots. They produce a very white light and this is why you can even use them in your aquarium at home. Metal halide lamps are available in all wattages.

Facts on Usage of Metal Halide Lamps

Metal halide lamps have a few disadvantages which make them less efficient. They consume electricity when you first turn them on but they don't immediately give you good light simply because they need some time to warm up. If you want to save a little energy by adding sensors to make the lamp work automatically, it will not work as well.

Metal halide lamps contain a large amount of mercury. This can be very dangerous for your health and the environment as well. Most LED systems contain some mercury, but metal halide lamps contain the most. Another big problem with using metal halide lamps is that each system uses one lamp at a time. This means if one lamp fails, the whole system shuts down. Other lighting systems use more than one lamp at a time so even if one lamp fails, the system can still remain working.

Metal halide lamps can be used in your reef aquarium at home, because they have a high intensity discharge. This means they are very intense. Metal halide lamps have the ability to change energy into food for aquatic creatures. This will help your tank's inhabitants to grow faster. They give a very close light to a natural sunbeam. With metal halide bulbs, even the shimmer on the surface of your tank will be closer to that produced by natural light.

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