Monorail Lighting

Written by Samuel Wong
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If you want to give a room an instant style update, install monorail lighting. This lighting is one of the hottest trends in the lighting world today. Designers and manufacturers are coming out with new styles and shapes of lights and fixtures, making it even easier to coordinate your existing decorating style with the clean lines of the lighting system.

For years, many people were leery of installing track lighting in their homes, simply because of the unsightly track and the lack of a wide variety of fixtures. Not everyone wants to see ugly can lights aimed every which way in a room. Monorail lighting eliminates the conventional track eyesore.

Multiple Possibilities with Monorail Lighting

Another benefit of monorail lighting is that the track is also customizable. You are no longer limited to straight track. Monorail track is flexible and bendable, so you can have a decorative spiral of lights cascading down above your dining room table. Some manufacturers allow you to select the color of your track as well.

Not only is the track system customizable with monorail lighting, so are the light fixtures. You can mix and match spotlights and pendant fixtures to create an eye-catching pattern of light in any room. Many systems have customizable shades, so you can coordinate your light to set the mood of a special occasion, or just to bring out the accent colors of your kitchen appliances or some artwork hanging on the wall.

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