Night Fishing Lights

Written by Rylee Newton
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Night fishing is both challenging and rewarding. No matter if you’re fishing in the middle of a lake, or standing on the shores of the river, you need to have the proper equipment and the right safety devices for the job. When fishing at night, it’s important to carry warning lights, spotlights, flashlights, and hands free devices like hat lights.

If you’ve ever been fishing, you know how important it is to be flexible in your choice of lures and bait. If the fish aren’t biting, you need to be able to change lures or try different bait. Switching lures requires you to handle sharp hooks with accuracy and efficiency. When you consider the additional challenges of working in poor lighting conditions, it just makes sense to find a hands free lighting source to reduce the risk of injury.

Night Fishing Safety

If you’re planning on taking your fishing boat out at night, it’s important to prepare for emergency situations. Before you leave for your fishing trip, it’s a good idea to alert someone outside of your fishing party of your plans. It’s essential to carry a warning light or flare to alert rescue workers if you get stuck due to engine failure or inclement weather. A hat light comes in handy if you need to make repairs to the engine or other mechanical devices.

If you plan on going night fishing on the shore, a hands free lighting device can help you find your way to the river bank. If you get lost, you can use your hat light to find your location and get yourself to safety. If you have to stay overnight while waiting for rescue parties, you can use your hat light to build a fire, cook a meal, and find a safe sleeping place for the night.

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