Outdoor Lanterns

Written by Dina Kayed
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Outdoor lanterns are so beautiful and colorful. They look like little glass boxes with glittery, dancing fairies in them. They are examples of traditional craftsmanship with timeless appeal. Lanterns entirely enclose light to protect it from the wind, so they add a wonderful finishing touch to your patio or garden lighting, sparkling brilliantly to make surroundings more welcoming and attractive.

Choosing Outdoor Lanterns

Lamps have been used since the earliest colonial days. Candles were considered more efficient in those days, so they were used more often than lamps. When whale oil became widely available after 1800, lamps could be found in use more often. The first lanterns were unrefined and very simple, usually consisting of a container to hold oil and a wick only.

Gradually though, craftsmen began to see the potential for decoration and embellishment that the simple lamp offered. Now, the design of outdoor lantern styles can only be limited in your imagination. There are so many kinds to choose from and they can be found using either gas or electricity. Outdoor lanterns basically come in three forms: post lanterns, wall mount lanterns and hanging lanterns. In England, they were even used on motorways, but by 1965, all lighting was electric as lanterns became battery operated. There are still kerosene lanterns available in the United States, but they are souvenir collectibles and often referred to as heritage lamps.

Lanterns have been made from any and all available metals; they would even sometimes be made from wood, though a variety of metallic finishes are more common today. The styles also vary, from the ornate to the simple. Japanese lanterns are probably on of the most unique types of lanterns. They can be used indoors or out, and they are made out of silk or even colorful paper and have a wonderful selection of styles and designs. Japanese influenced designs in durable metal are popular choices in many areas.

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