Paper Lanterns

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Paper lanterns are so enchanting. There's nothing prettier than an outdoor area, like a pool, patio or backyard, which has been strung with decorative party lights. I love colorful paper lanterns, in cylindrical or rectangular shapes. I also love a good, old-fashioned, white paper globe.

For a fun effect, take a number of white paper globes, in a variety of sizes. Try mixing small, medium and large white globes throughout your garden, trees, or deck. Now, try setting simple glass lanterns on your picnic tables or side tables. Fill these glass globes with white candles. What could be simpler or more elegant than decorating exclusively with glowing white orbs?

Colorful Paper Lanterns

Although white lights are very elegant, I have to admit, I'm a sucker for color. I love when other people decorate with white lanterns, but personally, I like to set out red, pink, and gold paper lanterns. You can find colorful lanterns which have been adorned with Chinese, Japanese, or Arabic script, as well.

This makes for a wonderfully exotic look. When I was in college, I had a friend who lived on the second floor of an apartment building, and had a large front porch. He and his roommate decorated the porch with colorful prayer flags, party lights, and lanterns. During the day, you only noticed the colorful flags, but at night, the whole thing lit up to make a very exotic, inviting space. His apartment was always everyone's favorite meeting place.

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