Patio Lanterns

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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To create a warm, inviting atmosphere on your patio or porch, decorate it with prayer flags, candles, and patio lanterns. At night, you can plug in the patio lanterns and light the candles. Your porch will soon be the entire family's favorite place to hang out. The lights will make it so cozy and welcoming that simply plugging them in will make it feel like an instant party.

You can use patio lanterns for special occasions, like a barbecue or pool party. Throw your next birthday party outdoors, and decorate it with party lights and paper luminaries. On the other hand, Chinese lanterns are the kind of thing that you can leave up permanently, if your patio or porch is protected from rain.

Leaving Your Patio Lanterns Up

Personally, I think this is the best idea. If you can leave your lanterns out, why not do it? Why should you wait until you throw a party to turn your patio into someplace beautiful?

I've noticed that a lot of folks who have great outdoor areas never use them. The secret to making your backyard, patio or porch the kind of place you use often, is to make it seem as much like an indoor area as possible. Make sure the furniture is comfortable. Set out end tables where you can put down a drink, or ottomans that let you put your feet up. Finally, it's very important to light these areas with a variety of attractive lights, that give you the option of minimal mood lighting, or brighter reading light.

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