Pendant Lighting

Written by Dina Kayed
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In the world of lighting fixtures, you can find some of the most beautiful sparkling pieces ever. Pendant lighting stands out among all other lighting fixtures because they are romantic, mysterious, and intimate, but above all, practical. Pendants are a great finishing touch anywhere in your home. For your kitchen, you can hang them over your breakfast bar to add a warm glow to family meals, or hang one over your kitchen island to show it off to perfection. Pendants are practical and elegant anywhere you choose to use them.

Using Pendant Lighting

Ideally, pendant lights can be controlled by using a dimmer switch that controls the amount of light they give out. If you have high ceilings that you wish to show off to the best effect, pendants are an ideal choice. Also, your stylish dining room will look even better with glamorous pendant lighting to hang over it.

Pendants are fun to install simply because you can do so much with them in terms of decoration. They can be ultra modern or very conservative to suit your mood and style of decoration. Pendants come in many shades and vibrant colors to match any room. You can decide how strong the illumination is by simply choosing the kind of bulb that suits the mood you are trying to set in your room.

Pendants can be used for soft general lighting, or they can be more functional in work areas. Make sure you choose the proper size. They should be neither too small nor too big. Also pay attention to where you place your pendant fixtures. If you place them in an overcrowded area, you will draw the attention away from them instead of adding to the style of your room. One last thing to remember is that your pendant should be hung at the right height. If it is hanging too low, it will tend to get in the way. If too high up, the lighting won't be sufficient.

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