Pendant Lighting Fixtures

Written by Samuel Wong
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Pendant lighting fixtures can be seen almost everywhere from the local coffee shop to the ultra-hip boutique hotels. This may give you the impression that these lights are priced prohibitively high and that you'd never be able to have one in your own home.

Pendant lighting fixtures are a modern interpretation of the classic chandelier. They usually consist of a single light bulb in a decorative or sculptural shell. Their clean lines and sleek design provide any room with a harmonious balance of light and art. Because they are less intricate, these lights are much easier to keep clean.

Pendant Lighting Fixtures Can Enhance Any Room

Pendant lighting fixtures can be used anywhere in place of a regular chandelier. They work especially well above a casual dining table or hanging above an entry foyer. You can get creative with your living room lighting by handing pendant fixtures above the end tables or even above the coffee table. Pendant lighting can even work in the bedroom if you hang them high above a canopy bed or above bedside tables as an alternative to the conventional table lamp.

Like a pendant on a necklace, pendant lighting fixtures are the crown jewels in a home lighting collection. They are dramatic and eye catching, regardless of whether they are turned on or off. They can work in virtually any room where there is ample ceiling height and open space.

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